Knowing how to prevent depression from messing up your sex life

Knowing how to prevent depression from messing up your sex life

Carrie and Albert had everything in their life a newly-wedded couple can imagine— countless moments of love, fairytale destination wedding, exotic honeymoon and beautiful memories. However, things started to fall apart after Carrie gave birth to her first child. With increased responsibilities causing immense stress, she had very little time for herself and her sex life took a backseat. Carrie would cringe if Albert made any sexual advances and after a while, he stopped pursuing her completely. Their marriage took a downward spiral.

Many couples would identify with the problems faced by Carrie and Albert. Their sex life is initially all good and rocking but starts getting affected if one partner withdraws. Depression is one of the most common mental disorders affecting millions in the country. While men might get affected due to financial troubles, unemployment and loss of job, women may get depressed over work, family responsibilities or childhood trauma. Untreated depression affects all areas of a person’s life, including sex life. But with little planning and effort, timely treatment and perseverance, partners can find happiness again.

Given below are some of the strategies, which can help a couple to keep depression from affecting their intimate moments, and develop a positive state of mind:

Dealing with depression first – It is important to look after mental health, because, if left untreated, it will keep adding to the stress. This can be achieved if both the partners seek professional help and learn coping mechanisms. Working together helps strengthen the bond. It is important to consult with a doctor about the side effects of medications and get advice on the dosage in a way that it doesn’t make the depressed partner sleepy during bedtime.

Relaxing together – Before getting into the real act of lovemaking, it is important that the partners feel relaxed and connected. This can be achieved by spending quality time together by snuggling and cuddling, taking a bath together, giving each other a gentle massage, holding hands for long, and so on.

Building up the activity – For the depressed partner, sudden demand for sex can get taxing, sans any fun. It is important for the other partner to build the desire first and prepare the affected person for a wonderful time ahead. This can be achieved by sending each other provocative texts during the day or throwing subtle hints such as kissing gently, looking at each other lovingly for long and helping each other in household chores. All these gestures indicate a desire to get close and will most likely put the depressed partner at ease, because of the constant connectedness.

Being patient with each other – It is possible that the depressed person takes longer to respond to the moves or experience orgasm. He or she could feign the act of arousal and climax, may not experience it at all or end abruptly. Patience is the key to improving the participation. If one partner initiates and the other doesn’t show interest, the former should wait till things move in the right direction. The more a depressed person remains relaxed, the better it would be. Spending quality time can ensure that both connect with each other mentally and emotionally.

Road to recovery

Depression can totally kill the fun from a couple’s life if one of the partners struggles with it. By talking about what one is going through, the non-affected partner can help in a better way. There are ways to reconnect and feel intimate again by putting some efforts. However, if nothing helps, then both the partners should seek professional counseling to treat depression.

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