Conquering depression: One man’s story of triumphing over mental illness

Conquering depression: One man’s story of triumphing over mental illness

Depression does not discriminate based on race, gender or occupation. Any individual can develop symptoms of depression, sometimes never overcoming the mental health condition. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America profiled “Marc,” a man who struggled immensely with depression. While Marc attempted to function in society, depression continuously made life difficult.

Marc recalls his bouts of depression beginning during his middle school years. He describes the depression finally lifting, bringing him back from something he could not quite identify. The on-and-off periods of depression continued into Marc’s 30s, but he still had yet to put his finger on an exact diagnosis for his condition.

Balancing a stressful job and an active family life, Marc found it difficult to pull through. He recalls days at work when he simply could not function, closing his office door while sitting at his desk idly. After work, life did not seem any less stressful. Marc had to psyche himself up just to enter his home and interact with his family. Finally, still undiagnosed, Marc broke down. He cried at the prospect of entering the family home, eventually growing unable to participate in his family’s life.

After a routine doctor’s visit, Marc was referred to a therapist who immediately diagnosed him depression and started Marc on medication. In the space of a few weeks he was a totally different person, astonished at how good he felt. He began enjoying his life finding passion, creativity, drive and enthusiasm each day.

He enjoyed his work and his family and easily coped with stressful situations that came with everyday life. He describes himself as “one of those annoyingly happy people…thank[ing] God for the scientist who developed the medication I took each morning.”

Achieving the dream

Marc, once a shy editor, became director of post-production at his company after starting treatment. He began inventing products and left his former job after 18 years to follow his dream and start his own business. After many years successful treatment for his depression, Marc believed he could eventually go off his medications. Marc considers this a foolish decision that led him right back to a gravely depressed state. He eventually attempted suicide, but, luckily, was unsuccessful. Marc was grateful to survive, went back on his medication and has never looked back. He wishes all those suffering from anxiety and depression all the best in getting help.

Marc’s story serves as a firsthand account of the benefits mental health treatment can provide. For those struggling with depression, there is help available. If you or a loved one is in need of depression treatment, please call Florida Depression Helpline to get started today.

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